007. Wisdom: The Note Books

One of the pleasures of visiting my old home is finding old things. Old books, old clothes, scraps of once important papers and many more. And most of these are found when you are looking for something else more urgent at that time. The pleasure of finding them is doubled because of the surprise element.

So, finding an old notebook, while I was looking for some piece of paper that I was sure somebody had definitely kept there was great! It brought to forefront a lot of memories. We used these notebooks, brand name “Wisdom” when we were in schools. We had to buy them by the dozen, for we were five brothers and sisters, at the beginning of the academic session. Sometimes they were supplied from the school along with the text books. Later, throughout the year, there used to sporadic purchases. We used to love them – all of us. We used to smell them – the books and the note books and used to savour the aroma. The habit still persists and even my daughters seem to have inherited it!

The notebook is manufactured by Ballarpur Industries Limited, Ballarpur, 44901. The cover reflects the old world simplicity in its border design and lettering. The “W” extends its left wing and provides a protective shelter to the rest of the letters. The picture below the brand name which is their registered trade mark, resembling some royal insignia, depicts conceptual knowledge, science, arts and engineering, the major branches of learning available at that time. This sits on a narrow artistic strip. This strip has always been blank. I always used to think that this was due to some printing error. “Vidyam Artham cha Sadhayet.” or “Vidya Dhanam Sarva Dhanam Pradhanam.” or something similar should have been there.

The paper used to be of excellent quality – it had to be, for, back then, we all used ink and holders or, rarely, fountain pens. Ball point pens were very rare and were thoroughly disapproved by all elders.

It used to be a great pleasure writing in these notebooks. We used to be delighted at the prospect of writing in them, regardless of the ‘badness’ of our handwriting and general shabbiness that is the hallmark of school going children.

Then there used to be another brand of note books – the Elephant brand. It used to be slightly costlier (the wisdom note book that i found is 48 pages thick and cost 75 Paise!) but used to have slightly thicker and greenish paper. A certain shade of blue ink used to shine on it and looked marvellous!

In their own small way, these notebooks tried to put wisdom in the heads of thousands of school children like me and my siblings. I am thankful to them now for that.

In one of the rooms in my home there is a loft, curtained off from general view. My brother assures me that there is nothing useful in there. So it holds a great promise for me. One of these days i plan to rummage through it, and hope to find more such memorabilia – old text books, my Cricket album, my brother’s collection of shooting marbles or even a dusty old elephant brand notebook carrying the name of one of us.

Like to join me in my treasure hunt?

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