009. To Every Bird His Own Song

Waking up early in the morning, sometimes I just lie in the bed and listen to the nature as it wakes up for the day.
It’s the birds that start the day. A bird wakes up, all rested and cheerful and ready to face the world. Then he lets out a cheerful call. I love to call it a song, being a music lover, as I find melody in it. Then as if waiting for that cue, other birds start signing – or singing – in. every bird has his own song. And every bird sings it with full gusto and enthusiasm, unabashedly. Have you ever heard a bird sing half-heartedly? I haven’t. It is not concerned that its song is shorter or longer, sweeter or dry, or whatever other quality you can think up. In today’s language, he just does his own thing. And so does every other bird. And the result is a wonderful symphony. Pure magic! Something that makes you want to wake up early tomorrow and the day after.
And here are some observations: One, every bird sings his own song, not of any other bird. Two, nobody teaches the bird to sing. It discovers its own song in the process of growing up. Three, he is not apologetic to tweet his song. (On the contrary, from his enthusiasm, I am sure, he is proud of it.) He just does it. Four, there is room for the songs of all kinds of birds (and animals) in the naad vishwa. It is never overcrowded.
Lessons learned: I must learn to sing my own song, not of someone else. That will not be my swadharma. Two, I must discover my own song, I must discover my swadharma. Three, I need not feel inferior if my song is not as melodious or catchy or sonorous as that of someone. Swadharma is incomparable. My swadharma cannot be superior or inferior to yours. My swadharma is my swadharma and yours is yours. That’s it.
Reflections: why do we sing someone else’s song? Why do we speak someone else’s dialogues? Why do we live by scripts written by someone else rather than write our own scripts? Why do we live lives designed by someone else?
I think it has to do with simplicity and complexity. A bird’s life is simple. It is not distracted by too many options. Options confuse. Every bird has but one option – to sing his song. Nobody gives him the option to choose one from thousands of bird calls. That makes it simple. Humans are handicapped with too many choices. So they cannot recognize his swadharma, and are condemned to live someone else’s life.
Ever heard a serpent trumpet or a lion hiss or an elephant talk?
Shouldn’t we have been taught to discover our swadharma? More important, at the moment, shouldn’t we encourage our next generation to discover, individually, its own swadharma?
What do you think?

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