12. Before Upping the Shutters: A Guide for starting a business

I am really excited to tell you all that my first eBook, ‘Before Upping the Shutters’”, is released!

It is intended to be a guide for starting a business and I have written it with young first generation entrepreneurs as my main audience.

Before Upping the Shutters’ is available for FREE and you can download it from the downloads page.

Before Upping the Shutters’ is a 67-(A4 size)-pages long book and I have written it primarily for the benefit of first generation, professional service providers, who are or are about to graduate in their field of expertise.

Before Upping the Shutters’ is more of a “why to” book rather than a typical nuts and bolts “how to” book. This is because it lays a good amount of stress on doing fundamental thinking about doing business. Here’s what I cover in this book:

In ‘Before Upping the Shutters’ I deal with the following topics:

Guilt feelings on wanting to be rich,

Why opt for business, a comparison of pros and cons of a job and a business

What kind of enterprises has a better chance of survival,

Moral obligations of an entrepreneur towards his customers,

Clarifying purpose of starting a business,

Examining the business idea,

Business planning,

Marketing, and,

The entrepreneur himself as the most important asset of his enterprise.

A bit of history and the why of it

like writing and have been doing a lot of non-mandatory writing for a long time. It was in the form of letters, poems, articles, and stories.

But even in my wildest dreams I never thought I would write a book!

But then wonderful things do happen! That’s what life is all about. Surprises!

You surprise others.

Others surprise you.

Life surprises you!

These are some of the combinations.

Another thing is that over the past five years or so, I have become quite a bit involved with entrepreneurship and doing business, first as a first generation freelance Core Banking Consultant and later as a business consultant.

I am fascinated by the entrepreneurs and their never say die spirit. I am deeply impressed by their guts, grit and determination. I am puzzled by what drives them to go on in spite of almost everything being against them. My years as a lending banker provided me the opportunity to work very closely with them started my romance with entrepreneurship.

While on the one hand I was impressed by them, I was, on the other hand, pained at the avoidable hardships they faced because of their ignorance of the non-technical aspects of doing business. I therefore made it my mission to educate them as much as I could about the finance, management, marketing and the HR sides of a venture. I continue to do this.

It is out of this that ‘Before Upping the Shutters’ is born.

It took me about month to finish the first draft. Considering that this was my first attempt at writing a book, I think it is pretty impressive. In fact in this one month I wrote drafts of two books! ‘Before Upping the Shutters’ is in your hands today. Please stand by for the next one.

Then there were a lot of other activities to do. There was the question of ordering and sequencing. Then formatting. Then getting it all together. Ensuring uniform appearance. Writing the preface, and the ‘About The Author’ and ‘Thank You’ pages. The table of contents. A lot of searching and learning. But all this was an investment. Now that I have learned it and the systems and processes are in place, the next one(s) will take much less of the post-production time.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book. And I am really happy to put it in your hand.

I’d highly appreciate it if you will please download it and read it and give me your feedback to make it even more useful to my chosen target audience, the first generation entrepreneurs. I hope you will enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Please feel free to forward ‘Before Upping the Shutters’ to anyone you think will benefit from it.

It is meant to be circulated.

Will you write back?

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